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 Radio Kaszb.

On Saturday, April 12,  2008, David Shulist and Ray Chapeskie started a Radio Show on Valley Heritage Radio, 98.7 FM from Renfrew , called Radio Kaszb. The show was inspired by a Radio Station from Kaszuby Poland which has the same name and on which they promote their Kaszubian culture 24 hours a day. Here in the Ottawa Valley, each Saturday morning from 8 to 10 am, you will hear either Ray Chapeskie or David Shulist (also known as Johnny Kashub) talking about the Kashub Culture and people and playing music made by Canada's Kashubian descendants. Each show starts with the greeting: "Good Morning, you are listening to Radio Kaszb, the voice of the Kashub people in Canada". The radio show has become another vehicle for the Canadian Kashubs to promote their Kashubian culture - made by the Kashub people, for their Kashubian culture, for the whole world to enjoy. The  Radio Kaszb mandate is to play the music of our culture and cover all aspects of the culture including language, food, forklore, etc. as well as to talk about  past and present happenings with the Kashub people in their Canadian community and beyond. Interviews are also part of the programme, with Canadian Kashubs telling stories from then and now. We also announce upcoming heritage and cultural events throughout Renfrew County. If you cannot get the station on your radio, you can go onto where you will find instructions on how to hear us using "web streaming".  Join us on Saturday mornings from 8 to 10 am and listen to the  voice of Canada's Kashubs.

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