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As Custodians of Canada's Polish Kashub History and culture, the Wilno Heritage Society is proud to celebrate their Polish Kashub Heritage.  The first Saturday in May is called KASHUB DAY. It is a celebration of our rich and unique Kashub culture here in the Valley. At the same time, we celebrate POLISH DAY which is on May 3rd. This is a celebration of Poland's constitution and a celebration of the Feast of St. Mary - Queen of Poland..

KASHUB DAY is a day to relax and enjoy the great music we have here in the Bonnechere and Madawaska Valleys. Local musicians entertain the large crowd from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can kick up your heals on the dance floor if you wish or just lay back an enjoy the sound.

An all day cook out at the Polish/Kashub FestivalFood and refreshments are available all day.   The horse driven wagon rides are a great hit with the children and our museum is open for anyone who wishes to read up on some Polish Kashub history.

Purchase souvenirs, books, films, CDs, music tapes or just browse and look at the artifacts which are proudly displayed in the Museum.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome - so hop in your car and ride down the line to Wilno, Ontario - Canada's First Polish Settlement and Canada's Kashub Heartland -  to help us celebrate our unique culture!

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