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 Sharing Some of our Heritage Stories

Canada prides itself on being a cultural mosaic. In recent years, as Canadians in general have become more proud of their ethnic origins, and family history has become an all-consuming passion for many people, the Canadians who descended from the Kashubs who immigrated to this area have become eager to learn about their heritage too.

The Wilno Heritage Society from its inception in 1998, has encouraged the remembering of stories about our Polish Kashub heritage. There are countless stories to be told. By sharing these stories, we are all enriched.   Initially, one of the means of telling these stories was in the Canadian-Kashub Corner in the Eganville Leader newspaper and later in Glos Kaszubski - The Kashubian Voice in the Barry's Bay This Week newspaper. Both newspapers have encouraged the cultural revival with their support of local heritage and multi-culturalism.  And we thank them.

Stories are also welcomed for submission to the Wilno Heritage Society Newsletter. Contact the Editor at . Diaries, memoirs, journals and family trees, photographs, newspaper clippings, obituaries etc. can also be donated to the Resource Library at the Polish Kashub Heritage Museum. The most recent Library acquisition is the Father Al Rekowski (1921-2006) Collection of Papers, books and Journals. Fr. Rekowski's stories will be missed, but he preserved many of them for us in his book, The Saga of the Kashub People in Poland, Canada and the U.S.A. Check for details of how to order this and other books at our Heritage Store.

Back at the beginning of the Wilno Heritage Society's  search for interesting stories, Lynne Visutskie, one of the society's founding members,  submitted the following three stories which are featured below:

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