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Kashubian Queen Mother

Kaszuby, Poland and Kashuby,  Canada are connected by a very special  symbol of shared faith. She is called the Matka Boska Sianowoska - The Queen Mother of the Kashubs.

Although the original statue is in Sianowo, Poland,   a replica was commissioned by Rev. Richard Philiposki, when he was the parish priest in Wilno, Ontario, Canada. The statue was blessed and placed in St. Mary's Church in Wilno on August 29, 2004. This is just another tie to the Motherland. The original can be found in the church in the small village of Sianowo, not far from Kartuzy.

From left to right: Fr. Shalla, Fr. Coulas, Fr. Philiposki;  Msgr. Pick, Fr. Burchat

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