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was an exciting year for the Heritage Society and we were honoured to welcome a number of visitors from the Kashubian part of Poland.
We share a few of our many memories below:

For Heritage Day 2001, Wojciech Etmanski from Kaszuby, Poland, spoke to a large group of interested Canadian Kashubs. For a transcript of his presentation, CLICK HERE.

On Kashub Day, May 9, 2001, three crosses were unveiled at Wilno Heritage Park by the Knights of Columbus of Barry's Bay.

In August, 2001, a group of Wilno area musicians presented the rights to their CD Canadian Polish-Kashub Old Time Fiddle to the Wilno Heritage Society.

In September, 2001, the Wilno Heritage Society welcomed Kashubian expert and author, Professor Jozef Borzyskowski from the University of Gdansk. Father Aloysius Rekowski and a number of others joined the Wilno Heritage Society on this occasion.

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