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was another busy year for the Wilno Heritage Society who were honoured for their community heritage endeavours with an Ontario Heritage Award.

And the community wholeheartedly joined the Society for the Kashub Day Festival on May 3, 2003. Special attention was given to celebrate the unique Kashubian Language spoken by the pioneer settlers and still spoken by many of their descendants to this day. For more information on LANGUAGE,  CLICK HERE.

During the summer of 2003, the Park was brightened by the addition of Kashubian floral painting on the exterior doors of the Log Shed.  Summer students, Sarah Chippior and Mary Bloskie, were the talented artists who used traditional Kashubian embroidery patterns to beautify the barn board doors. Now even in winter, the Park attracts photographers and visitors

2003 also was the year that we mounted a display on Wilno - Canada's First Polish Settlement at Queen's Park in Toronto and that St. Mary's shared the Kashub Room at the church rectory for our winter displays and library. 

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