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Wilno Heritage Society Newslettersare informative and interesting and include many photographs, both old and new.
Newsletters are mailed to members in May and December. They are also available for pick up at the annual Kashub Day Celebration on the first Saturday in May.
Further News Updates are sent by e-mail throughout the year.
Some of the past newsletters are still available at $4.00 each plus postage of approximately $1.00
Current year newsletters are available only to members.
For the years 1998-2002, only one newsletter was published and it is referred to as Volume 1. In 2003, Shirley Mask Connolly became the editor of the Newsletter: If you don't know, you Wilno! News from the Wilno Heritage Society celebrating Canada's Polish Kashub Cultural Heritage. Contact the editor at

Although each of the Newsletters contains a variety of articles on different topics, standard features include a Message from the President, a Salute to a Polish Senior, an In Memoriam section and Heritage News. The Fall/Winter edition also usually features a review of the  Family Stones added to the Park site that calendar year. Some of the past newsletter articles are available on this website.

Links to available volumes are listed below.

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For more information on the Wilno Heritage Society e-mail: