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 2010, Fall/Winter                         V.9, #2
 Newsletter Contents:

  • Group of Canadian Kashubs Discover Roots in Homeland by David Shulist
  • Kashub Day 2010 &Three New Family Homestead Stones [Kiedrowski, Piechowski, Maika]
  • Polish Cross Medal Awarded to Three Canadian Kashubs
  • Mary Bloskie, Summer Student & Curatorial Assistant at Heritage Park in Wilno
  • Warsaw Wedding for Canadian Kashub Bride
  • Reunion of Family & Relatives of Philip Kasobuski & Annie Yakabuski
  • Lorbetskie Reunion
  • Golka lake Named in Honour of Canadian Kashub War Veteran
  • Determining Kashubian Identity & Kuno Connection
  • Our Trip East to Research & Connect with our Polish Kashub Relations by Pat Molesky-Brar
  • American Kashub Visitors to Polish Kashub Heritage Museum in Wilno
  • Library in Kartuzy Poland Named in Honour of Janusz Zurakowski
  • News Notes
  • A Year of Tragic Loss for the Polish Community
  • In Memoriam & Remembering Dr. Andrew Chapeskie & Arthur Rumleskie
  • Back Cover Photo tribute to Ostrowski Blacksmith Shop Move & Restoration

  2010, Spring/Summer                      V.9, #1
  Newsletter Contents:

  • Olympics 2010 & Our Pride in Being Canadian - an athlete, a torchbearer & a sportscaster
  • Canadian Buildings & Exhibit at Museum in Poland
  • Summer Solstice, St. John’s Night & Shearing the Kite (Kania)
  • Ottawa Valley Wends & their Kashub Connection
  • Contributors to Resource Library
  • The Memoirs of John Baderski
  • Translators Thanked & Translators Needed
  • English Home Child Buried in Pioneer Cemetery in Wilno





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