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 2008, Fall/Winter                         V.7, #2
 Newsletter Contents:

*150th Anniversary Events in Wilno, August 2 & 3, 2008
*150th Celebrations in Canada's and Poland's Parliaments
*150th Events in Renfrew
* Other 150th Events, Exhibits
*Preparations for the 150th
*Kashub Day May 3, 2008
*New Stones in the Heritage Park

  2008, Spring/Summer                      V.7, #1
  Newsletter Contents:

*First Kashubs to Canada: List of Probable Passengers on Ship, the Heinrich, in 1858 by Shirley Mask Connolly; *Emigration Documents from 1858;
*Calendar of Events for 150th Anniversary Year;
*America's First Polish Settlement in Panna Maria, Texas
*In Search of Kashub Bretheren by Carol  (Cybulski) Sulpher

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