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 2005, Spring/Summer                   V.4, #1
 Newsletter Contents:

*Salute to Dominic Visutskie
*Kashubian Embroidery Rediscovered by Joanna Szymanski;  
*Trip to Poland - Coming Full Circle by Anne Burchat;
*Surnames Amongst Ontario Kashubs: Dombrowski, Kiedrowski,  Lukaszewicz & Wrobel by K. Kaszubik; 
*Roubles/Wrobels- Kashub Pioneer Family of Renfrew;
*Our Special Affinity with the Polish Pope;
*Our Beloved Kaszuby by Stan Brodzki.     

2005, Fall/Winter                              V.4, #2
Newsletter Contents:

*Salute to Senior Mary Borutski nee Lipinski;
*New Family Stones: Burchat, Etmanski /Hetmanski [Andreas];    
*Preserving the Tradition of Canada's Polish Kashub Roadside Crosses by David Shulist;
*The Prince Cross by Theresa Prince;
*Log Shed Opening at Park;   *Timber Frame Building added to Park Site;
*Special Visitors 2005 including Polish Consulate guests & Fr. Paul Breza from Winona;
*Polish Music Projects by John M. Glofcheskie;
*Fr. Rekowski Celebrates 65 Anniversary of Religious Profession.       

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