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Kashub Day 2008

The Kashubs who arrived in Canada in 1858 made the best of what they found in the Canadian wilderness, and 150 years later, their descendants and friends made the best of the cool, wet day when they gathered to celebrate their heritage- May 3, 2008.  The event drew large crowds of people, including Kashubian visitors from Poland and from Wisconsin.

In photo at right: Agnieszka Trawicki with her husband Pawel and brother Wojtek Etmanski holding the umbrella. David Shulist in Kashubian costume.

Students and volunteer embroidery teachers hold examples of Kashubian Embroidery done in local elementary schools in 2008, framed and ready to be taken to Poland where they will be exhibited in the Museum in Zukowo. Embroidery students, Jessie Hudder [top left] and Shane Yutronkie [bottom right] were designated as the Kashub Princess and Prince because of their excellent work. For more information on Kashubian Embroidery in Canada, CLICK HERE.

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