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Museum/ Skansen (Open Air Museum) Buildings

View of the Park & Main Building

Building #1. Log Cabin Museum, serves as the main Display Building, Welcome Centre, Heritage Store, Library and Resource Centre (books,  articles, family trees etc. on the Polish and Kashubs in Canada, U.S.A. and Poland written in English, Polish and Kashub. Also videos, DVDs, CDs, tapes, maps, & educational posters). This little log building was donated by the Chippior Family and reassembled at the Park site in 1998.
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Building #2. Log Shed Display Building and Stage serves the dual purpose of a stage for Kashub Day in May as well as a display area with exhibits on the first Polish schools, post office and general store. Also includes a farm display of small farm tools . Of special interest is the hand-powered grist mill. Logging and lumbering, as well as blacksmith and cabinetmaker tools and memorabilia are also on display. This former machine shed was also donated by the Chippior family and moved and rebuilt on the site in 1999.
For more photos of Building #2, CLICK HERE

Scooped Roof Shelter

Building #3. Scooped Roof Shelter. As a symbol of the strong faith of the Kashubian people, a shelter was made for the iron cross salvaged from the fiery ruins [1936] of the old Wilno Church dedicated to St. Stanislaus Kostka -  Canada's First Polish Parish.  The cross was made by Kashubian immigrant, Leon Ostrowski. Ostrowski also made the cross for the first mission church at Siberia near Barry's Bay. The shelter has a roof made out of overlapping hollowed out cedar logs— called scoops.
For more photos of Building #3, CLICK HERE.

Building #4. Log Farmhouse (moved to the site November 2, 2006) was donated to the Heritage Society by the Burchat Reunion Committee. Many volunteers worked on the restoration in 2007 and the spring of 2008. The project was also made possible by the generous donations of materials and funds  from Kashubian descendants and their friends.   The official opening of the log Farmhouse was on August 2,  2008, as part of the 150th anniversary celebration of the arrival of the very first Kashubs to Canada in August, 1858. The log farmhouse is outfitted to include typical handmade home furnishings in the Polish-style, so-called "Wilno furniture". For more photos of Building #4, CLICK HERE.

Building #5. Timber Frame Machine Shed - built as a storage shed as well as to house and exhibit farm machinery such as wooden wheeled wagons, primitive plows, etc.
This building was also donated to the park by Ed Chippior who constructed the structure from timber he milled from his own farm near Wilno.
For more photos of Building #5, CLICK HERE.

Building #6. Washroom Facilities & Storage Shed- this building is also decorated with Kashubian floral painting, but with a Canadian element added to the design - that being the 3  trilliums in the centre.

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