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The Logging Train Track Walk.

In 1894, J.R. Booth, the "lumber baron", built this part of the Ottawa/Arnprior/Parry Sound railway in order to take the logs from Algonquin Park to the Ottawa River and then to Ottawa.  It was finally closed in 1966.

Walk from the car park along Szczypior Street (chipior) past (or through!) the Wilno StationGallery and 2nd hand bookstore., down the hill, and just before the Wilno Station Inn, turn right onto the railroad tracks. Be assured by the absence of tracks that you will not meet a train. This is a very easy walk and you can walk as far as you wish and then turn back. The walk is very pretty, as the trees are thick and varied and the sides of the track are covered in wild flowers.You are walking in the direction of Killaloe, and for the stout hearted, or cyclists, the distance is 11 k - one way.  If you do make it as far as where the tracks cross Old Trestle Road, you have to come of the tracks and continue down the road which comes out behind the OPP Police Station.  From there you carefully cross the highway and following the road into Killaloe.  You could walk the opposite way to Barry's Bay which is also 11k one way. On your return you may have been so impressed by the wildflowers and calming effect of the walk that you may want to book into the Wilno Station Inn and enjoy more of the local walks, flora and fauna.

Distance: as far as your legs will carry you or to Killaloe, whichever comes first..

Time: take as long as you wish. 

Difficulty: deciding when to turn back.

Interest: wild flowers.

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