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The New Church & Old Cemetery Walk

The first Church, St Stanislaus, was built in Wilno in 1876. There was an old school house built opposite the church at the end of last century, and a rectory built early this century.  The old Church burned down on February 2, 1936, and the new Church started later that year. The school house is now a private residence. The Rectory is now a bed and breakfast.

Directions: Carefully walk up the left hand side of the highway - once past the White Pine Photographers it is possible to walk on the old highway hidden in the grass. Opposite the church carefully cross onto the church property to enjoy the scenic views and take photos in safety.  Keeping on the same side of the road continue past 5 houses until you come to Church Street.  Turn on Church Street and walk about 1-1/2 K following the road until you come to the old cemetery.  Browse in the cemetery where the Polish pioneers who first homesteaded in the Wilno Hills are buried from 1875.

This is also the site of the first Polish church, St Stanislaus, which burned down in 1936.  Continue on the road and turn right on Mountain View Road at the T-junction. Not far along the road meets the Wilno South Road. Turn right on Wilno South Road and a few yards down on the left is another photo opportunity of an old homestead looking very picturesque and deserted.

There are two challenging hills on this part of the road before the final drop into Wilno. There is a small cross roads before the highway and this short cut is physically safer to walk on to return you to the car park - but financially you are at risk as you pass the wonderful Wilno Craft Gallery, the Rock Shop and the Enchanted Shed.  Along Burchat Street from the Enchanted Shed is the Wilno Garden Gallery and Hill Pottery, a pleasure to browse in the art gallery and the gallery's delightful garden. Coming back to the highway, there is the Post Office which carries interesting antiques, and the Tavern, where you will surely need to quench your thirst.short cut to the left

Time 1.15 mins when walked briskly and not stopping.

Difficulty: hilly.

Interest. Historic heritage landmarks, photo opportunities, the occasional deer, some small wild life and wild flowers.

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