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Most Recent Fundraising Projects

Since 1998, the Wilno Heritage Society has initiated a number of fundraising projects. The very first project was to develop the Park site in Wilno, provide washroom facilities and add a number of buildings. CLICK HERE for information on some of the first fundraisers.

In February, 2004, the Burchat Reunion Committee donated a heritage log house to the Wilno Heritage Society and the Wilno Heritage Society began fundraising for the expenses of moving the house to the Park site.
In 2006, the Wilno Heritage Society organized a Silent Auction held on Kashub Day, raising over $4,000 towards financing the costs. Also, over $10,000 came in as donations from a number of individuals, Wilno Heritage Society members and community groups. The Wilno Heritage Society thanks the many people who have given so generously to the Farmhouse Move Project. The money also went towards preparing the site and pouring a cement foundation and base. And special thanks to the Burchat Reunion Committee who purchased the log house and donated it to the Wilno  Heritage Society.

Silent Auction Tent Kashub Day 2006

The house was successfully moved to the Park site on November 4, 2006. In 2007 and 2008, funds were raised for the restoration of the Log Farmhouse.  Materials and labour were also  generously donated and the farmhouse was officially opened to the public as part of the Museum and Park site on August 2, 2008.

In 2009, donations will be used to further landscape the park site, extending paved pathways to the crosses. Also work will begin on creating display areas within the timber frame shed.

If you would like to contribute to the Polish Kashub Heritage Museum/Park Fund, please send your donations to the Wilno Heritage Society,  1112 Wilno Rd. North, Wilno, ON, K0J 2N0. Include your name, address, and telephone number. The donation will be used to further develop the Museum/Park. If you would like to donate materials or if you would like to volunteer to work, please contact us heritage@wilno.org .

CLICK HERE to see pictures of the house, work already done and the work in progress.

For more information on the Wilno Heritage Society e-mail: